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Author: Chute, Anthony, d. 1595? 
Title: [Tabacco] 
Date: 1595 

,,,There is a certaine kinde of people that speak nothing but ridles, they dwell vnder the hot clime of the still yeard, they are somwhat nosie, and very rich in diuers white and red excrements, called Alebuttons, I could wish that some of them had the wit after a certaine kind of merry assembling, called the Drunkards round, to allay that same distemperat vapour of pure Rhenish, with a draught or two of this Tabacco. There is a reason if they could hit on it, that would persuade wise men, that after they haue been in the land of Tanquam, a little of this downeward fetch vp that same that makes them so mad in the brains, and I doubt not but some honest remembrancer or other, will put it into their heads that haunt those prouinces, to vse this receipt when they intend good fellowship, and would hold out.
These be the opinions that be tearmed Receptiores of this plant, i. that be more receiued than the rest; and these I haue deliuered therfore, not of mine owne (other|wise than of mine owne collection) but from the best Phisitions that haue written latest thereof: if therfore the natures of Tabacco, and the diuerse qualities it hath, be more confirmed than before, it is well, if not, it is neuer the worse, I meane it shall neuer the more nor disable nor derogate from it: *this I say, because there be so many heads as there be bodies to beare them, & so many wits, and so many iudgements will follow; some of knowledge, some of experience, some of fancie, some one way, some another, euery man according to his humor*: well, the plant hath growen, the Phisition writ|ten, and the author of this worke hath gathered, who wisheth euery one his due, the planter, the writer, and the reader.